Student posts and other scheduling issues — part 2

Dec 14, 2011 by

Dear Readers, Thank you very much to all of you for reading — and especially for commenting on — my students’ posts! I am especially grateful to John Cowan, who remains a loyal reader of this blog and who has spent...

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Taking a break…

Sep 15, 2010 by

Dear Readers, Some of you might already know about the gas explosion/fire in San Bruno. Our home has been in the affected area. Luckily, all of our family are alive and unhurt and the house is undamaged. But life has been disrupted...

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Swedish or Norwegian?

May 27, 2010 by

By the way, an easy way to distinguish Swedish from Norwegian — in writing — is by looking for one give-away letter: the one that spells out the mid front rounded vowel. [To pronounce it, try to say the vowel in bed and...

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Apr 26, 2010 by

I will be away on vacation until May 15. I will resume regular postings as soon as possible after that.

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Scottish Gaelic

Mar 30, 2010 by

Scots (discussed in yesterday’s posting), spoken in the Scottish Lowlands, is not to be confused with Scottish Gaelic, spoken mostly in the Highlands. It is a completely different language, and is much more distantly related to...

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