Old Church Slavonic

Old Church Slavonic was first written down about 860 A.D. by the first missionaries to the Slavs from the Eastern Church: Saints Cyril and Methodius. Some existing manuscripts date from before 1000 CE. In this OCS course, we learn the alphabet(s) and the grammatical structure of the language, and read selected texts, chiefly from Bible translations.



What is Old Church Slavonic?

A lecture by B. O. Unbegaun on Old Church Slavonic and its relation to Russian: see here.

Glagolitic and Cyrillic:

OCS manuscripts

The influence of OCS on (modern) Russian

Influence of Old Novgorod Dialect on the Russian Literary Language

The “Who Is Who? in Matthew 14:1-12

Expressing possession in OCS — and in modern Russian

Dative Absolute Demystified

Introduction to Old Church Slavonic Declension

Overview of the Case System in Old Church Slavonic

Dual in Old Church Slavonic—and in modern Hebrew

As Easy as ‘One’, ‘Two’, ‘Three’?—The Morphology and Syntax of “Numerals” in Old Church Slavonic

Palatalization in Old Church Slavonic

Introduction to Old Church Slavonic Conjugation

Simple Verb Tenses in Old Church Slavonic