Books by Asya Pereltsvaig

Languages Of The World: An Introduction (2012)

What do all human languages have in common and in what ways are they different? How can language be used to trace different peoples and their past? Are certain languages similar because of common descent or language contact? Assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, this book introduces readers to the rich diversity and typology of human languages around the world. Linguistic terms and concepts are explained, in the text and in the glossary, and illustrated with simple, accessible examples. Eighteen language maps and numerous language family charts enable students to place a language geographically or genealogically. A supporting website includes sound recordings that can be used to illustrate the peculiarities of the sound systems of various languages, as well as additional language maps. ‘Test yourself’ questions throughout the book make it easier for students to analyze data from unfamiliar languages.

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Copular Sentences In Russian (2007)

A detailed study and a novel Minimalist account of copular sentences in Russian, focusing on case marking alternations (nominative vs. instrumental) and drawing a distinction between two types of copular sentences. The originality of this study lies in treating the copula in the two types of Russian copular sentences neither as completely identical nor as two distinct lexical items; instead, the two types of copula are derived through the process of semantic bleaching. It is concluded that Russian draws a distinction between saturated DPs and unsaturated NPs, despite its renowned lack of overt articles.

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