Why Some Languages Sound So Fast, or do they?

Sep 19, 2011 by

As a long-time reader of this blog would already know, I am typically skeptical of “linguistic” studies that calculate an average this and multiply it by an average that and supposedly produce results that are relevant...

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The biggest syllable in English

Apr 21, 2010 by

In yesterday’s posting, I asked the readers to come up with a monosyllabic word of English that fits the pattern of the most expanded syllable: (C)(C)(C)V(C)(C)(C)(C), or a syllable starting with three consonants in a row and...

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Apr 20, 2010 by

This cartoon, discussed also in yesterday’s posting, suggests that one direction in which English is going is “dropping the vowels”. Here I rush to assure the reader that this is probably not going to happen....

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