Geordie Mysteries—And the Mysteries of the Geordie Dialect

May 14, 2015 by

In my earlier post on the geography of detective fiction, I noted a trend for mystery novels and TV shows, especially in Britain, to be set in peaceful locations where in actuality relatively few murders occur. Instead, writers and...

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Norfuk Language

Dec 9, 2010 by

To continue our theme of the fate of English in far and remote places, today we will look at Norfuk language, a form of English spoken on Norfolk and Pitcairn islands in South Pacific. In fact, Norfuk is not just a form of English,...

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Welsh in Aberdeenshire?!

Apr 1, 2010 by

Knowing something about the world’s languages, at least those spoken on one’s home turf, turns out to be a useful skill even for people whose jobs, seemingly, have nothing to do with linguistics. According to a BBC news item, “people...

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