Urum, a Turkic Language of Pontic Greeks, Its Contact with Russian—And...

Jul 17, 2015 by

Some enthnolinguistic maps of the Caucasus region, such as the one reproduced from GeoCurrents, show “Greek” as one of the groups in south-central Georgia and bordering areas of northern Armenia. In actuality, these are Pontic...

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You save what you speak?

Oct 25, 2011 by

As noted in a number of previous postings (see here and here), recently more and more non-linguists come out with research involving language. And very often, whether it’s biologists, physicists or economists that make claims...

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What’s in the name: Germans?

Mar 22, 2011 by

Sometimes keeping track of peoples and their languages is not an easy task because the same group (and its language) may bear different names in different languages. Quite often we refer to a group by a name that is different from...

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Give me some space!

Oct 5, 2010 by

In yesterday’s posting, I mentioned that medieval manuscripts and inscriptions often used a line over the top of an abbreviation or an acronym to mark them as such. This was illustrated with the Kirkdale sundial. Another...

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Eastern Romance: part 2

Sep 20, 2010 by

In response to Martin Lewis’ question/comment on an earlier posting, I’d like to clarify the situation re: the four Eastern Romance languages. The four languages in the Eastern Romance branch are: Romanian (with over 20...

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