The New Kurdish Language Project at Manchester

Jul 19, 2015 by

Readers who followed my joint work with Martin Lewis on the Indo-European controversy (which culminated in a book recently published by Cambridge University Press) might recognize the weirdly-shaped map on the left (reproduced from...

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Dec 21, 2010 by

While doing my post-Hannukkah/pre-Christmas grocery shopping, I was exposed to a ubiquitous holiday jingle galore on the supermarket radio. You know, the usual kind: “Jingle bells”, “Feliz Navidad” (a nod to...

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Languages of Italy: part 2

Sep 8, 2010 by

In yesterday’s posting I discussed linguistic varieties spoken Italy and noted that there is a divide between northern Italy and central/southern Italy. The development of northern Italian dialects was influenced by the Langue...

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Languages of Italy

Sep 7, 2010 by

Last week, we discussed languages of Spain and France. Today we will continue with Western Romance languages and the Western Romance dialect continuum and will discuss languages/dialects of Italy. As with France, in Italy too exists...

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Jun 1, 2010 by

To continue with our Scandinavian theme, let’s look at another Scandinavian language today: Faroese. It is spoken by 48,000 people on Faroe Islands (formally, part of Denmark, but self-governing in most matters). Faroese is an...

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