Learning is unlearning

Apr 13, 2011 by

In yesterday’s posting I described some recent research that suggests that when it comes to language, babies are not born as a tabula rasa. Rather, all humans are born pre-wired (or pre-programmed) to learn a human language....

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Mom’s voice activates a newborn’s brain

Apr 12, 2011 by

Following the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosophers and educationalists for a long time thought that babies are born as a tabula rasa, knowing nothing and open to all possibilities. And when it comes to language, it is clear...

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Da-da-da… — Duh!

Apr 4, 2011 by

Recently a YouTube video has gone viral in which two baby boys appear to “talk” to each other in those unmistakable baby sequences of “da-da-da”. The YouTube video is titled “twin baby boys have a...

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