Student posts and other scheduling issues

Dec 5, 2011 by

Dear Readers,

This year I have asked my students to write blog posts instead of the more traditional term papers as an assignment for the undergraduate “Languages of the World” course and the Continuing Studies “The Glamour of Grammar” course at Stanford. I will be publishing those posts in the coming days. The topics range from tone genesis in Vietnamese to reconstructing Latin verb forms, from language policies in Quebec to the Dene-Caucasian hypothesis; languages covered will include Swahili, Gothic, Basque, Malagasy, Hazaragi and more… Please feel free to respond or comment on students’ posts, as usual!

Also, I am starting an overhaul project on this blog, which will mostly happen during the holiday break. The aim is to make the blog easier to read, easier to search, easier to comment on and more visually appealing. Comments and suggestions are solicited!

I hope to resume my own posts in about a month or so, perhaps earlier.

Have a nice winter break!

Asya Pereltsvaig

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