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Nov 21, 2014 by

Recently, a reader drew my attention to a collection of 23 maps and charts on language, asking me to write a commentary on these materials. As I have already discussed many of these graphic materials in previous posts, here is a selection of relevant links. (I might post more detailed responses on some of the other maps/charts in this collection in the near future.)

2. The languages of Wikipedia: Endangered languages and the Wikipedia

4. Romance languages: Languages of France (part 1 and part 2), Languages of Italy (part 1 and part 2), Eastern Romance

5. Linguistic diversity around the world: Linguistic and Biological Diversity

9. Ukrainian v. Russian: The Tale of Two Ukraines

10. Endangered languages: The new map of endangered languages

13. The second most popular language in US states: Mapping Heritage languages

21. Northern cities novel shift: Vowels Shifts

22. Coke v. pop v. soda; 23. Sunshowers: American English dialect maps


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